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Progress on our project has been huge in the last few weeks. Windows are almost completely installed…even the big glass on the front of the building is making great strides. One of the really neat aspects of this building will be all the natural light we will experience. We’ve used Low-E double paned windows to minimize energy loss through conduction and most work spaces will have some amount of natural lighting. We’ll be installing daylighting sensors that will automatically control lights in select areas to minimize energy usage while providing sufficient light for us to work. Occupancy sensors in all rooms will automatically shut off lights in rooms not being used.

As the building starts to take shape, our staff are getting more and more excited to move into the building. We are coordinating furniture and equipment and will be phasing our move in to give our IT staff ample time to get the networks and work stations set up appropriately. Because we will be moving our servers into a specially-designed, top of the line server room, members may experience some Miss Web or Miss Fed outages in June (we’ll let you know more specifics when WE know them) as we make the physical moves. Our intention is to make the process as seamless as possible for members, however, unexpected issues can pop up at the last minute.

Members who have safe deposit boxes here at Southside will soon receive communications regarding the move from the old building into the new—along with some preview of the new self-serve technology we will be installing.As the weather warms, more site work will be starting.  Sometime in early April, you’ll see some more lines being dug in, more paving happening and of course the landscaping through the spring and summer.

6 Responses to “Southside Construction Update 3/1/2010”

  1. Roger says:

    When is the project opening day. Summer 2010?

    • Chris Lynn says:

      We are way too far out to set an open date…we’re aiming for mid July, but we don’t want to promise anything this far ahead of time!

  2. Roger says:

    I understand….I always go with a season myself….It will open this summer. That way you have from June 21st to Sept. 22nd. :-)

  3. Diane Alred says:

    I was just out looking at CU’s that had the automated teller line and here you are. We just started ours about a week ago and it is really different. I like it and it should be more private and more efficient. Technology keeps moving on.

    • Joni says:

      Thanks Diane!
      Always good to hear from former employees….keep us posted on how your project is coming!