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In order to get the permit from the DEQ for the extraction well for our ground source cooling system, we have to test the sustainable  flows from the well for 72 hours. We’ll be pumping 350 gallons per minute for 72 hours…you do the math…it’s a LOT of H2O!!! The testing will be happening next week (Monday through Thursday).

The big challenge has been what to do with all that water. It will be pumped through a PVC pipe from the well to the storm drain on the corner of Brooks and Dore. The pipe will be crossing the sidewalk in front of our entrance and the contractor will be building a ramp over it (and probably painting the ramp some amazingly bright color) so members entering the building will see it and not trip over it.

Our Southside branch has become a pretty active construction zone and we encourage anyone planning to visit the lobby or drive up to be extremely cautious of dump trucks, back hoes, dozers and the like. Conditions may be changing regularly, so it will be important to stay alert and aware of the situation. Our motto through this project is “ Short term pain for a long term gain!”

2 Responses to “Southside Construction Update 4/23”

  1. Alex B. says:

    I assume you got permission from the city to dump 1.5 million gallons of water into their storm drains? Especially on days where it’s supposed to rain…

    • Chris Lynn says:

      Yup! We had to have permission from the MDT, as they are the agency that who owns/controls the storm drain on the corner of Brooks and Dore and the settling pond by Buckhouse Bridge where it all ended up.