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Monthly Archive for April, 2009

Hooray for Shredders!

The huge industrial shredders, that is. Our Member Shred Day was a terrific success, with members bringing in more than 2800 POUNDS of paper. Yes…pounds! That’s a whole lot of landfill space that can now be used for those weird singing fish plaques that pop up around the holidays. Ahem. Our thanks to Tear It [...]

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Southside Construction Update 4/23

In order to get the permit from the DEQ for the extraction well for our ground source cooling system, we have to test the sustainable  flows from the well for 72 hours. We’ll be pumping 350 gallons per minute for 72 hours…you do the math…it’s a LOT of H2O!!! The testing will be happening next [...]

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Southside Construction Update 4/17/09

Important Update! Work on our Southside branch is moving right along, and the crew is ready to begin digging up a portion of our parking lot. Starting Monday, April 20th, access to our Southside branch drive up will be ONLY via DORE Lane… you will not be able to drive through the parking lot to [...]

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Construction Update 4/13/09

While the temporary door for lobby access during construction has been put on hold (waiting for our final building permits) we have begun other elements to keep the project moving and on time. The injection well for our ground source cooling has been drilled and the extraction well will begin this week. The work on [...]

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Why Are We Doing This Anyway?

We’ve had a few questions from our members about why we’re constructing a new building in the midst of a down economy. This project has been part of our strategic plan for the past 4 years. Our Board and Management saw several years ago that we would be in need of upgraded, additional facilities in the [...]

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