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We’re helping to spread the “green” at the River City Roots Festival this coming weekend. As the credit union has started its quest to be a greener organization, we’ve realized that others want to do the same thing and we wanted to help–We’re helping this fabulous event provide reusable beverage mugs (significantly reducing the amount of plastic headed to the landfill) and to purchase green tags for renewable energy. While the festival isn’t totally carbon neutral, it is headed in the right direction–every step helps!

2 Responses to “Spreading the Green”

  1. greenmoz says:

    Hopefully you got all those mugs back! I know it’s a big problem in Germany that people end up swiping those fancy glass mugs and steins…try not to make them not look too appealing ;)

  2. marketingmfcu says:

    Actually, folks get to take the mugs home as a souvenier–that way we don’t have to find a place to store all those mugs…The mugs are made of recycled plastic and will be so cool everyone will want one for their very own! :-)