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Green is taking on a whole new meaning at Missoula Federal Credit Union. Our newest branch on Russell Street is going to be built to LEED specifications and we’re kicking off our construction with a glass drive here in Missoula. We’ll be using the glass we gather and pulverize in the concrete floor in the lobby. 100% fly ash and 100% glass aggregate will make this floor 100% recycled/reused material…

Bring us your glass September 28th (Noon to 6p) 29th (8a-6p) or 30th (9a-2p). We’ll be taking glass at the Russell Street construction site during these times–located just north of Northwestern Energy. Sort your glass into green, brown, clear and other–make sure it’s clean and we’ll pulverize it and use it in our building. You can even stop in next summer and see how your contribution looks in our new building.

 Of course, glass is only a small part of the “green” aspect of this building. Stay tuned for construction updates, photos, and fascinating discourse on the recycled, reusable, rescued, locally-produced, environmentally healthy products and processes we’ll be using….

2 Responses to “MFCU goes “green””

  1. Donna Grinde says:

    My husband, retired sales manager for Zip Beverage, suggests that for a never-ending supply of glass, you work out a plan with local tavern owners because nowadays there is a no-deposit/no-return policy re glass bottles.

    Contact the Missoula County Tavern Owners Association or individual tavern owners?

  2. marketingmfcu says:


    What a great idea (you can go ahead and take credit for your husband’s idea…it’s our secret)! We wish there was a demand for a never-ending supply of glass at this time. Crushed glass is still more expensive than other materials, and local demand isn’t at a high enough level to support a full-time glass recycling program. There is at least one person here in town who is trying desperately to change that though, and hopefully as processes improve, education increases and costs lower, the demand here will be enough to meet the supply.

    Thanks for checking us out…keep the ideas coming!