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At long last, our amazing new lobby and office spaces are move-in ready and about to be unveiled. Our new lobby at 3600 Brooks Street will be opening for the first time tomorrow, July 8th at 9:00 a.m. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the fantastic group we’ve worked with over the past year. Everyone–from the architects to the sub-contractors–has taken such pride and ownership in this project. It’s inspiring to see so many people work together so seamlessly.

Ok, enough gushing. Suffice it to say, our staff is moving in and we are so excited! Stop by to check out the new digs, or join us at our grand opening scheduled for July 23rd.

Up next? Work has already begun on the ‘old’ portion of the building, to remodel it into state-of-the-art training, meeting and community space. MFCU prides itself on providing high-level professional training opportunities for our 150 staff members, as well as hosting financial seminars for the community. The new space is slated to be completed in early 2011. As always, we’ll keep you posted here!

More trees have returned! You’ve seen the birch trees in the front window of the new building, now some of the pine trees have returned…as a bench and as part of the writing counter in the new lobby. Both pieces were finished and installed by Counter Solutions who did a fabulous job of bringing out the natural beauty of these large chunks of wood. The pictures just don’t do this craftsmanship justice! We’re aiming for an early July opening…and you’ll have to stop in and see these beauties for yourself! Stay tuned to this blog and our FaceBook page for announcements about our open date.

The trees are BACK!! After nearly a year of “hanging” in the warehouse at Gordon Construction, the birch trees we removed from the [former] boulevard area along Brooks Street, our birches have come home!

The trees are BACK!

They are being settled into their new home in the front atrium of the new building. Their trunks and branches will serve as artwork, landscaping and decoration all in one! Once the building is occupied, lights will illuminate the trees in the evenings to show off their beautiful colors and shapes. You could say they’ll be a “shining” example of clever reuse. : )


If you’ve ever been in the lobby at our Southside Branch, you’ve surely noticed the beautiful tongue and groove ceiling—one of the most striking features of that 30+ year old building. When we began the design process for the new addition and remodel of the old building, one of the items we wanted to preserve was this beautiful wood. Since we will be lowering the ceiling to accommodate a state of the art training center in the old building, we decided to remove the tongue and groove and reuse it in the new lobby….our salute to the history of the old building and a way to reuse something that still has many years of beauty ahead. Our contractors cleaned up the edges of the old wood and refinished it. It is being installed right now in the new lobby. Check out the pictures—we just couldn’t wait to show you!

The staff who will be moving into the new building are getting more and more excited as the completion grows nearer. And of course everyone has been extremely curious to see what their new digs will look like, so we arranged a “pre-completion” tour for staff. This way they can get a sense of what their new space will look like—floor plans just don’t do a project justice—before they start moving in. As always, Gordon Construction crews went above and beyond to make sure the space was tidy and allow us entry after they were done working for the day. And even though there is still a lot of finish work to be done, everyone could see how beautiful the building will be when it’s completed.

Needless to say, staff were duly impressed…the space has been very well-designed to take advantage of as much natural light as possible and provide comfortable work spaces for everyone. And now, it’s just a matter of hanging in there through the last few weeks of completion! Updated pictures to come soon!

The third-annual MFCU Sustainability Fair is Tuesday, March 23rd 4:00 – 8:00 p.m., at the MCT Center for the Performing Arts. Come find out just how easy it is to make your life a little greener, by checking out a variety of green businesses and non-profits.  Our Annual Meeting will also take place during this event, which starts at 6:00 p.m.  Our new Board of Directors will be introduced during this time.  If you have not voted, please do so here.

In addition, you’ll enjoy light refreshments from Biga Pizza and the chance to win prizes throughout the evening.

This event will be carbon-neutral, thanks to Clear Sky Climate Solutions. Make it even greener by riding your bike or riding the bus!

Progress on our project has been huge in the last few weeks. Windows are almost completely installed…even the big glass on the front of the building is making great strides. One of the really neat aspects of this building will be all the natural light we will experience. We’ve used Low-E double paned windows to minimize energy loss through conduction and most work spaces will have some amount of natural lighting. We’ll be installing daylighting sensors that will automatically control lights in select areas to minimize energy usage while providing sufficient light for us to work. Occupancy sensors in all rooms will automatically shut off lights in rooms not being used.

As the building starts to take shape, our staff are getting more and more excited to move into the building. We are coordinating furniture and equipment and will be phasing our move in to give our IT staff ample time to get the networks and work stations set up appropriately. Because we will be moving our servers into a specially-designed, top of the line server room, members may experience some Miss Web or Miss Fed outages in June (we’ll let you know more specifics when WE know them) as we make the physical moves. Our intention is to make the process as seamless as possible for members, however, unexpected issues can pop up at the last minute.

Members who have safe deposit boxes here at Southside will soon receive communications regarding the move from the old building into the new—along with some preview of the new self-serve technology we will be installing.As the weather warms, more site work will be starting.  Sometime in early April, you’ll see some more lines being dug in, more paving happening and of course the landscaping through the spring and summer.

Please pardon our mess…We’re salvaging the paneling from the lobby ceiling to reuse in our new lobby!

When we first started thinking about remodeling/building at our Southside branch, one of the items that came up regularly was the tongue and groove on the ceiling in the lobby. We all agreed it was too nice to just cover up or demolish, so we found a way to reuse it! During the Martin Luther King holiday our contractors came in and carefully removed the paneling and will be refinishing it in their workshop. It will be installed in the new lobby…so be sure to look for it when you visit this summer! In the meantime, our lobby at Southside is a little bare…so please pardon our mess.

From the outside, it might appear that progress on our building has come to a significant slow-down….however, there is a LOT going on inside the building! The interior walls are framed on the first floor 100% and the second floor about 80%. Window frames are starting to appear and glass should be following shortly. Speaking of windows…we’re using double pane, low-E windows to help minimize energy loss—windows are one of the biggest areas for heat/cooling loss on a building. The whole project was modeled to help choose the most efficient combination of design and materials (both economically and eco-consciously). This modeling included the HVAC system, insulation package, windows and exterior wall construction.

The temporary heat is on (which the guys working on site appreciate in a BIG way!) and electrical rough in continues. All the ductwork, conduits, and pipes that no one ever sees are being installed. The masons are making great progress on installing the 60,000+ bricks on the exterior…who knew there would be so many bricks! We can hardly wait to see them all without the scaffolding covering them up.

The schedule still looks pretty good for us to move into the new space in July. Once the new construction is completed and everyone moved from the old building, the remodel on the old building will start. The entire project is still on track to be completed this time next year.

We appreciate everyone’s patience with the mess of construction and the challenge of getting around the site. By this time next year, all this inconvenience will be but a vague memory! Here’s to 2010!

The building has gone through a huge transformation in recent weeks. We now have exterior walls on the second floor and the clerestory (the big glass box on top of the building) is starting to take shape. We anticipate a roof in the next few weeks and the brick work continues. The concrete on the second floor has been poured and other interior work including duct work, electrical, mechanical and plumbing is moving right along.  We’ve included some pictures taken from the second floor. The views from several different vantage points upstairs will be amazing.




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